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Crossing Void Hidden Achievements

There's quite a few hidden achievements in Crossing Void. Here's a list of the known ones.

Crossing Void Character Speed

The speed stat is very important in Crossing Void. Here's a full list of each characters specific speed.

Crossing Void Taiga & Mashiro Banner

The special Drop Rate UP event for Taiga (Main) & Mashiro (Support) is now live!

91Act Responds to Gacha Rates Controversy

Recently there has been a lot of controversy surrounding gacha rates, and an apparent bug with them not working as intended. 91Act have officially responded after fully investigating the matter.

Crossing Void New Hero Taiga

Taiga is coming to the Void!

Crossing Void New Hero Mashiro

Mashiro is coming to the Void!

Crossing Void Beginner’s Guide

This is an in-depth beginner's guide for Crossing Void.

Crossing Void General Tips

Just starting out in the game? Here's some tips that hopefully may help you along your journey!

Crossing Void Gift Codes

These are redeemable Gift Codes for Crossing Void - Global.

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