Beach by the Blue Sea Degas Review

This is an in-depth review of the black fatecore “Beach by the Blue Sea Degas”.

Kindly shared by u/Xisceoiz on Reddit.

You can also check out his video guide on this here: Beach by the Blue Sea Degas Unit Showcase.

Unit Overview

This time I will do something different so it complements the guide, rather than reiterate it, and will be showcasing my own Degas/Skills, and do one tag team PVP Battle.

Usual disclaimer – These are my thoughts and opinions, I welcome discussion and dissenting ideas, so without further ado -TLDR; Pull if missing tank (Uloom, Garff, normal Degas) | Pull because THOSE ABS | Consider Pull if you are planning on skipping other black summer unitsBeach by the Blue Sea Degas

Beach by the Blue Sea Degas (Black FateCore) is:

  • Frost
    • Gains mana +1 upon a block by ANY unit (ally and enemy)
    • One of the best mana nature in the game, comparable with fire (better with blue guardian stone gear on multiple allies), comparable to nature (though nature typically will be better)
  • Defense
    • Decent HP stat
    • Very high defense [Defense units are split into those with pretty high and very high]
    • Frontline unit
  • Physical
    • Physical DPS is not really relevant currently as there isn’t content that resists single damage types except labyrinth, which is currently STILL disabled
  • From Marinos Island
    • No Blue FateCore for this area yet, so not yet relevant
  • 28 Years Old
    • He’s legal πŸ˜‰ *cough rera magi


Passive: Block 2

  • Base Passive
    • Provokes ALL enemies if any ally takes damage that drops it below 30% hp
    • +1 Mana if HP <20%
  • Dragon Knight Blessing
    • +250% Damage to Order Dragon (week days)
  • Ice Shower
    • If Degas has any positive effects (including his A Skill) he will stun enemies for 3 turns (frost bolt)
  • Summer’s Blessing
    • All allies gain Frost immunity for 1 turn, removed upon being hit by frost ability (1 time only, not stackable)
    • When immunity is removed, all allies gain +50% attack

Active Skill1: Blue Aegis of Faith (three mana)

  • +X*% maximum HP to self for 8 turns
  • Share Health** ALL allies for 16 turns

*This percentage increases with levels, and the FC also increases the base amount. For reference, non-fc Degas gets 37% HP at level 60, 39% at 75, 42% at 90, and 43% at 100.

I forgot to record my FC Degas when leveling, so apologies about that. Currently, at level 88, this skill is increasing his HP by 55%. Non-fc Degas increases it by 41% at level 88, so it’s ~35% increase (14%) in HP gained compared to non-fc.

**Share health redirects 30% of damage taken by allies to Degas. Essentially 30% damage reduction for everyone on your team except him.

Active Skill2: Cursed Blue Trident (five mana)

  • 178% damage AOE, all enemies
  • FREEZE 5 turns (stuns)

Skills Review

  • Passive is great, summer passive discussed later, block is like Uloom passive
  • As ice, mana costs don’t really matter since he will top off
  • S1 is awesome –
    • You can skip an attack with this to stall and not hit enemies to proc dragon scales
    • -30% damage taken for allies with share health for EVERYONE (garff with passive only shares with lowest HP ally)
  • S2 is good CC
    • Double freeze with passive can puncture through 2 and 4 metal set to stun
    • Low damage

Unleashing Potential

If you end up using Degas like I have, I recommend unleashing potential for the bonus stats. This costs 300 xes per unit, and it will only unleash the potential for that one specific unit.

Degas requires Ice Crystal Circles (farmed at exploration in Northern von Frosty) in order to unleash potential. You DO NOT need to use solarseals for Degas, unless you want some extra CP.

In order to fully unleash his potential (not including CP), you need:

10,500 Ice Crystal Circles – breakdown

  • +11 Attack (1500 Circles)
  • +70 Defense (1500 Circles)
  • +172 HP (1500 Circles)
  • +1 Speed (2000 Circles) X 3 (you can do this 3 times, for +3 Speed, at a cost of 6000 Circles

I’ll be reviewing his stats in regards to a Degas with unleashed potentialPerformance/Stats

I will be comparing Degas against the 8 Fated “Defense” type units for stat comparisons at Level 75

HP: 4901 – 1/9

Atk: 575 – 4/9 (Tied with Valarr and Uloom)

Def: 1660 – 1/9

Hit: 997/9

Dodge: 907/9

Critical Hit: 50 – 7/9

Block: 390 – 1/9 (Tied with Uloom and Mahar)

Atk Speed: 357/9

Statwise, Degas is the BEST tank. He has the highest HP, Defense, and Block (all rank 1) of all defense type units.

Keeping in mind that there are FateCore Stats as well, his provides 127 defense and 389 HP at enhance zero. This is significantly higher than FC Shufraken at 54 defense and 259 hp, Garff FC only gives HP (albeit very high 1064 HP), FC Mahar is sitting at 216 HP and 71 defense, you get the idea.

Generally, people raise FC of units they will be using to around +10/11. At +11, the FC will give:

  • 100 Attack
  • 198 Defense
  • 1251 HP

DEGAS HAS INCREDIBLE stats for his role.Usage

He is useful on Ice days for special stages, especially if you don’t own FC Anastasia. His AOE stun and share health will keep you alive, and help you auto the stages. The special passives that are added on are not very effective for PVE though.

In Arena, he can be your go-to tank. In the current meta, Uloom, Garff, and Degas reign supreme as the top tier tanks. Uloom is very difficult to kill without Ramge, as she just constantly heals back all damage. Garff command passive is very nice with First Guardian shields and just overall tankiness in the team. Degas fulfills the role of “Summer Passives” and tank in one package, being able to both provoke and share health. FC Luke is a possible contender as well because of his very powerful defense and share HP buff.


After some testing, the summer passives have proved to be *useful enough* to be worth using in PVP.

The “Frosty Bolt” stun will basically always be active for Degas, since he self buffs. It is redundant with his s2, unless if you want to stun through a non-complete metal set (2 or 4). Since the stun is only 3 turns, it is most relevant for units slower than Degas. Notable mentions he can stun include:

  • Anastasia
  • Uloom

This stun also procs off of wrath counters, which can allow you to prevent being hit by passives like final hit, thrust, and counter. I *believe* it also stops first aid passive from triggering.

Summer’s Blessing is a double edged sword. You lost one stack of the first guardian buff on all your allies when Bathory (on basically every top tier team) uses her s2, but you then gain a HEFTY +50% attack that can help you punch through enemies. In practice, since the attack buff lasts 9 turns, this typically lasts long enough for your Rera and Bathory to attack once with the buff.Guardian Stone Recommendations*

OVERALL Ranking: Ice >= Fire = Light > Nature

Ice – with his very high block, a full ice set will have your Degas blocking almost all the time massively reducing damage taken. Very bad break effect, but Degas typically doesn’t survive for a super long time when you already get to the point where he is getting broken. (He is taunting and HP sharing and will be mitigating and protecting but also taking a lot of damage).

Fire – Less common to break, since only fire meta unit is Annie. Very consistent damage reduction.

Light – Basically never broken, only Garff is meta and not everyone uses him. Barrier is useful as it refreshes on your turn and is decently big before your Anastasia FG shield starts stacking up. Break effect is not really a problem.

Nature – He has pretty low base avoid, so you can choose this route but it brings him to the level of a Baraka/Jinn without a nature set so…break effect isn’t bad at least.

*They are reworking this to have multi-break at some point according to dev notes. Not sure how it will be implemented, if it will be reasonable for players, etc, but just be aware of that. If it does change to that, then rainbow stone sets or L/D sets will be more common, or nature for FG units.Banner Review (Maths)

Black FateCore | Beach by the Blue Sea Degas banner is 19 pity and the unit drops at a rate of 0.7% chance.

Xes Cost:

19*700 = 13,300 Xes

Considering 11 Draws –

Your chance to pull him once in 19 pulls is decent, at 76.96%.

In one lucky pull, your chance to pull him is 7.44%.

As with all other black fatecores, Degas comes in at a 19 pity with a drop rate of 0.7%. This is much easier to obtain, and you can see the rate for pulling him in a single 11 pull is around 2% higher than for Blue/Gold banners.Pull because he’s super hot, I went to pity T.T wish I got him earlier. TLDR at the top for whether or not to pull.Thanks for reading, appreciate any discussion~ GOOD LUCK on your pulls. Sub to support me πŸ˜€ ~Queenie

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