Black Moon Baraka Review

This is an in-depth review of the fatecore Black Moon Baraka.

Kindly shared by u/Xisceoiz on Reddit.

You can also check out his video guide on this here:

Black Moon Baraka Overview

Black Moon Baraka (Blue FateCore) is:

  • Machine
    • Consistent mana gain +1 on his turn, but lower potential then fire/ice/nature
    • Healers recommended to keep his HP up, or a dark (purple) stone set
  • Chaos
    • Lower stat totals than “warrior” type units, like Rachel/Bathory/Bernadette (small blade icon)
    • Baraka does have very high attack even as Chaos type, but his other stats suffer
    • Backline unit
  • Physical
    • Physical DPS is not really relevant currently as there isn’t content that resists single damage types except labyrinth, which is currently disabled
  • From Wasted Red
    • Important for Blue FC Baraka

Passive: Final Hit 3

  • Attacks when any enemy drops below 10% hp (+1 mana, since it is a basic attack)
  • Entire First Guardian Passive
    • The Great One
      • Mark top 4 attack heroes in same row with “The Great One” (up to 4 total units in a team)
    • Dragon Blood
      • Stack dragon blood when any unit with “The Great One” is hit, up to 7 stacks
    • Wrath
      • If a “First Guardian” unit is attacked, counter with wrath (50% damage per stack, up to 350% total)
      • This damage can crit
    • Dragon Scale
      • Create a shield (barrier) equal to 100% of defense*number of stacks

A Skill: Chained Thunder (two mana)

  • 225% damage to a single target
  • Reset turn upon kill
  • Steal 1 mana and grant 2 mana to backline unit if you have Rachel (fated unit) and he is disheartening* enemies

*Dishearten reduces dodge by 50 and def by 20% if Rachel attack is higher than his opponent

B Skill: Heavenly Thunder Strike (three mana)

  • 525% damage to a single target
  • Steal 1 mana and grant 2 mana to backline unit (same info as above)

The only things Blue FC Baraka received are new skill names, a new icon for his skill, and the dragon blood passive.Blue FateCore Overview

Black Moon Baraka comes in as a newly revamped blue fatecore. For these new ones, they boost the stats of units from a specific country. Being from Wasted Red, Baraka buffs ALL units from wasted red just by having the fatecore in possession, including himself (probably the best unit from this region.

With one copy of FC Baraka all Wasted Red Units Receive:

  • Attack +1%
  • Defense +1%
  • HP +6%
  • CP +2%

The real power of the blue fatecore comes when you pull duplicate FC. People probably have done FC Fusion by now, and seen it gives around an extra top/bottom gear of additional stats. These can be seen reviewed in another top rated post in this subreddit somewhere. For Baraka, in addition to that, he also massively raises the “Country” buff.DO NOT UNEQUIP THE FATECORE FROM THE UNIT. IF YOU DO THIS YOU CANNOT DO FATECORE FUSION. IF YOU TRANSCEND THE BASE UNIT YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO DO FUSION.

This is randomly rolled, and you only guarantee highest rolls at 5 dupes. You can get very lucky with one dupe though (I managed an A roll in HP). This raises the above country stats to:

  • Attack 1.9% – 6.3%
  • Defense 1.9% – 6.3%
  • HP 11.4% – 31.5%
  • CP 3.8% – 12.6%

I tested this, and this applies after all other stats, meaning it applies to equipment stats. This boost is actually quite massive, especially since all of them are much desired by Baraka. Attack helps his nuking potential, and can be useful for boss nuking (he usually already cuts through most units in PVP). Defense is useful because it increases his DB shield. HP is good on everyone for survivability, and a dupe raises this by a LOT. CP is very useful in competitive scoring content, especially for air squadrons vying for top tier spots and rewards.

Other Wasted Red Units Worth Using

Unfortunately this country is…lackluster at the moment, so the blue FC is very good for basically just Baraka. Some notable units that are decent to raise include:

  • Vinity
    • Nuker, decent damage
  • Seir
    • Team attack buff, Yao does the job better though
  • Alos
    • Has an interesting -150 crit debuff, could be potentially useful


In comparison to other fated units (credits to Arigatou, DDanganggeun/Choibbangi sheet)

This is at level 90

HP: 4020 – 25/25

Atk: 1435 – 5/25

Def: 617 – 25/25

Hit: 100 – 9/25

Evasion: 110 – 1/25

Critical Hit: 120 – 7/25

Block: 20 – 24/25

Atk Speed: 114 – 3/25

Baraka is VERY squishy with lowest HP and Def among all fated units, but he comes in at high attack, evasion, critical hit, and attack speed. This is why blue fatecore is very useful for Baraka, the stat patches up his HP stat very nicely. The first guardian passive is also generally useful on him because of the shielding for added survivability.Usage

Baraka will be mostly used for machine special stage days. He is also useful as a nuker in arena.

His First guardian shield makes special stages easy to auto as long as his def is ~1400+.

In Arena, you want his attack to be ~2700+ to be able to nuke through First Guardian shields. Use him with Rachel.Guardian Stone Recommendations

OVERALL Ranking: Machine = Darkness > Nature

Machine – PVP focused. You will bypass taunt from Uloom, silence from Annie, and other annoying status effects to ensure your “final hit passive” hits and kills the unit you nuke after Bathory Tranquil pops.

Darkness – PVE focused. Gives him self sustain to power through machine days. Decent generally on any first guardian unit as you heal off your wrath procs. S2 and he will full heal.

Nature – With high innate dodge (highest among fated tier units), nature set is useful for even more avoidability. Also has special synergy when broken like all other first guardians.Banner Review (Maths)

As many of you have probably heard and lamented by now, Blue FC Baraka is very unfortunately a 28 pity banner at a rate of 0.5%. Coming after Rera (28 pity) makes this very expensive.

Xes Cost:

28*700 = 19,600 Xes

A very important note about Blue FC Baraka is also that he really needs a dupe to be “worth” it for reasons stated above. This means you need to pull him once before pity, and hopefully twice before pity.

Edit 3: Thanks to u/thatonedudeyoukno for the reminder that this unit will NOT be featured in Strings of Creation Re, so if you want him now is the best time to get him.

Considering 11 Draws –

Your chance to pull him once in 28 pulls is decent, at 78.64%.

In 19 pulls, which is pity for black units, it is 64.92%.

In one lucky pull, your chance to pull him is 5.36%.

Unfortunately for the cost, I do not think Blue FateCore is worth it UNLESS you can go to pity. If you do not currently have enough xes to pity him, it is VERY RISKY. Even being able to, you still may be shafted. This is similar to my stance towards the Strings of Creation Re – you can get very lucky, but you can also be shafted. For Baraka this is especially tragic because he doesn’t power-spike or earn his “blue tier rarity” without a duplicate copy.

Edit: If you get a copy really early, I Personally WOULD NOT continue (get one copy before 19). If you get it later on, I would continue until pity. He’s fine as a general first guardian user for machine days, but as I stated earlier the value of blue fate core comes from the country bonus, which requires fusion.

Edit 2: If you are part of a top tier air squadron, blue fatecore are even more important. The 12.6% potential CP is massive for scoring content in the game, and can net you high ranks for the juicier rewards.

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