Crossing Void Global Events

Events in Crossing Void add extra content to the game for a limited amount of time. Many of them are recurring and there will always be an event of some kind active.

There are also special Gacha Banner events, which allow players to obtain specific characters with a guaranteed drop after 91 pulls.

This is a list of all active events for Crossing Void: Global.

Limited Gacha – Hatsune Miku

Active: March 6th – March 16th (11:59 UTC)

Drop Rate UP – Mikoto (Main)

Active: March 3rd – March 10th (11:59 UTC)

Fragment Relay

Active: March 6th – March 13th (11:59 UTC)

Idol’s Raising Project

Active: February 28th – March 20th (11:59 UTC)

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