Dynasty Scrolls Tier List

This is hero tier list for the global version of Dynasty Scrolls.

It’s based on the current heroes in the game. There’s a limited amount of them available on release compared to the Asian versions of the game. The list will be continually updated as new heroes are added to global.

Faction Buffs

There are 4 factions in the game, Wu, Wei, Shu & Warlord.

Using Epic or higher heroes of the same faction in a team will also grant faction stat buffs.

If you use 3 Epic heroes of the same faction, your own hero also then counts as belonging to that faction.

The stats gained are:

1: Total ATK +500
2: Total HP +10K
3: Total +5%, Total DEF +250
4: Total HP +5% ,Total HP+15K,
5: Total DEF +5%, Total ATK +800

You’ll gain ALL of these stat buffs.

Rarity & Aptitude

Every hero has a certain “Aptitude”, which is basically just the same as their rarity. The different aptitudes are 8 (Common), 10 (Rare) & 14 (Epic).

Each rarity has it’s own color:

Purple – Common
Orange – Rare
Red – Epic
Yellow – Legendary

There are also 1 more higher rarity, but it’s not in the game yet.


There is a special bonus called “Affinity” that will activate additional stats for heroes if they’re deployed with other specific ones.


Liu Bei
S+ShuFront Row DMG, Rage ReductionLegendary

Lu Xun
S+WuAll Damage, BurnLegendary

Guo Jia
S+WeiAll Damage, Rage ReductionLegendary

Jia Xu
SWarlordAoE PoisonLegendary

Zhang Fei
SShuColumn DMG, BurstEpic

Yu Ji
SWarlordAll DMG, PoisonEpic

Jiang Wei
SShuDPS (Single Target)Epic

Xiahou Dun
SWeiColumn DMG, ControlEpic

Dank Stash
SWarlordFront Row Damage, ATK BoostEpic

Zhen Ji
S-WeiHeal, ATK BoostEpic

Zhang He
S-WeiAoE DPSEpic

Hua Tuo
S-WarlordHeal CritEpic

Lu Meng
S-WuDPS, FinisherEpic

Wei Yan
S-ShuFront Row DMG, ControlEpic

Big Qiao
S-WuHeal, DMG ReductionEpic

Sun Jian
S-WuColumn DMG, Rage ReductionEpic

Huang Zhong
AShuAll DMG, Rage ReductionEpic

Lu Su
AWuBack Row DMG, Rage ReductionEpic

Xu Chu
AWeiBurst (Single Target)Epic

Sun Quan
AWuControl (Single Target)Epic

Pang Tong
AShuHeal, Rage RecoveryEpic

Hua Xiong
AWarlordFront Row DMG, BurstEpic

Taishi Ci
AWuBack Row DMG, BurnEpic

Gongsun Zan
AWarlordColumn DMGEpic

Xiahou Yuan
AWeiBack Row DMG, Rage ReductionEpic

Dong Zhuo
AWarlordAoE Rage ReductionEpic

Zhao Yun
AShuColumn DMGEpic

Pang De
BWeiFront Row DMGRare

Cao Pi
BWeiRandom DMG, ControlRare

Liao Zhang
BWeiFront Row DMG, Rage ReductionEpic

Fa Zheng
BShuRandom DMG, Rage RecoveryRare

BWuFront Row DMG, SupportCommon

Bu Lianshi
BWuColumn DMG, HealRare

Zhou Tai
BWuTank (Single Target)Rare

Cheng Pu
BWuColumn, TankRare

Xu Sheng
CWuSingle Target DPSRare

Huang Gai
CWuFront Row DMGRare

Yan Liang
CWarlordDPS (Single Target)Rare

Yue Jin
CWeiColumn DMG, TankRare

Cheng Gong
CWarlordBack Row DMGRare

Wen Chou
CWarlordFront Row DMG, HealRare

Yu Jin
CWeiSingle Target DPSRare

DShuBack Row DamageCommon

Meng Huo
DShuAoE TankCommon

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