FC Misty Ramge – Review

This is an in-depth review of this week’s fatecore banner – Misty Ramge.

Should you pull it? Find out!

Kindly shared by u/Xisceoiz on Reddit.

You can also check out his video guide on this here: https://youtu.be/2zN-rSAz95I

Misty Ramge Overview

guys we gotta beat Misty so she’ll join us

Misty Ramge (Black FateCore) is:

  • Dark
    • +1 Mana for each dead ally on his turn
    • Good in content where you expect at least 1 of your units to die, such as Dragon raid or PVP
    • More effective the greater the number of allies – usually it’s 5, in raid it is 10
  • Supporter
    • Higher HP than other classes
    • Lower attack and defense
    • Frontline Unit – gains mana when hit
  • Magical
    • Being magical DPS is not relevant in current content except labyrinth where some stages resisted certain damage types
    • Ramge is a utility unit so his damage type is not that important
  • From North von Frosty
    • May be important when country buffs for this region come in the future
  • Fear of the Abyss Synergy Unit
    • Requires Shufraken to realize the full potential of this unit

Passive: Cleanse 3

  • Cleanses DoT and Status Effects from allies (+1 mana, additional +1 if ally cleansed has hp below 20% or above 70%)
    • This triggers as soon as your unit gets hit by DoT or status (does not cleanse block taunt, appears to work on various “stun” effects)
  • Entire First Guardian Passive
    • The Great One
      • Mark top 4 attack heroes in same row with “The Great One” (up to 4 total units in a team)
    • Dragon Blood
      • Stack dragon blood when any unit with “The Great One” is hit, up to 7 stacks
    • Wrath
      • If a “First Guardian” unit is attacked, counter with wrath (50% damage per stack, up to 350% total)
      • This damage can crit
    • Dragon Scale
      • Create a shield (barrier) equal to 100% of defense*number of stacks

A Skill: Touch of Light (one mana)

  • 225% damage to a single target
  • Afflicts Nullify Heal for 12 turns that cannot be removed
  • Inflicts “Self-Harm” DoT (45% damage for 5 turns) on target if they have Fear of the Abyss (requires Shufraken, and he needs higher defense than enemy units)

*Fear of the Abyss deals 65% damage to all enemies in the same row as a marked enemy unit that drops below 10% hp

B Skill: Golden Blaze (three mana)

  • 133% damage AOE to all enemies
  • Afflicts Nullify Heal for 16 turns that cannot be removed on all enemies
  • Inflicts “Self-Harm” DoT (26% damage for 5 turns) on target if they have Fear of the Abyss (same as above)

The only things Black FC Ramge received are new skill names, a new icon for his B skill, and the first guardians passive.Black FateCore Overview

Black FateCore changes the appearance of skills, adds a unique skin, and adds on a new passive. Some older black fatecore also added changes to skills, but this did not happen for Misty Ramge.

Since there are many other Black FateCore in the First Guardians family, I will compare how Ramge utilizes the passive shared among all the units.First Guardian Comparisons

This is all assuming a BASE version of the FateCore (no fusion, no enhancements) and level 75 Units

Wrath Damage and Scale Shield will be calculated at maximum stacks (7)

Wrath Damage = 50%*7 = 350% Damage

Scale Shield = 100%*7 = 700% Shielding

UnitAttackWrath DmgDefenseScale Shield

Since this guide is based on Ramge, I will focus comparisons there but you can also make comparisons between other dragon guardians here.

His wrath damage is second lowest, with only Ana having a lower attack total. His scale shield is the second weakest among the first guardians, with his low defense sitting at 624, only above Baraka at 551 def. Thanks to u/dsadsadsa0 for catching this.Performance/Stats

In comparison to other fated units (credits to Arigatou, DDanganggeun/Choibbangi sheet)

This is at level 90

HP: 6400 – 1/25

Atk: 925 – 13/25

Def: 702 – 21/25

Hit: 99 – 16/25

Evasion: 99 – 16/25

Critical Hit: 50 – 18/25

Block: 50 – 14/25

Atk Speed: 74– 9/25

Ramge has mediocre bulk – while his def stat is very low, his high hp (highest among fated units) does make up for this. His other stats are all middling as is expected for a supporting unit. Do not be fooled by Ramge low stats though — the reason to use this unit is for his utility, as is the case for most supporting units that are not healers. Having the first guardian passive does make him tankier, which coupled with his high HP should make him more difficult to remove.Usage

  • Ramge has unique utility in this game, being the ONLY unit that can disable healing
    • This is useful in labyrinth stages where the bosses heal (does anyone remember that really annoying stage)
    • Potentially useful in future story chapters once they release
    • Counters healers in PVP (Anastasia who!?)
    • Counters the many people that are starting to run six dark stones (Zeon where you at)
  • As a First Guardian, he trivializes Dark/Light special stage days
    • Special stages can be auto as long as his def is ~1550+
  • In Arena we say “no AOE” because of First Guardian passives however ->
    • Rera Bath Annie Combo has brought the AOE meta back
    • Could potentially find a place in a team with Rera Bathory Annie Ana Ramge
    • Useful in tag team days
    • Is the only other frontline first guardian, other than Ana

Ramge reaches full potential when you own Shufraken, because it gives both of them a sizable damage boost. Because Shufraken has two less speed than Ramge, they should also be pretty close in turns (you do want Ramge to go first to apply his self-harm dot) which will make Shufraken do more damage.Guardian Stone Recommendations

OVERALL Ranking: Frost = Fire > Nature >>> Machine

Frost – Blocking is the best way to prevent damage and keep Ramge alive to continue dealing damage, has some RNG involved, base block is not very high (50)

Fire – Because Ramge has high health, fire damage reduction is effective for surviving through burst with 100% reduction uptime

Nature – Completely blocks damage but is RNG, has mediocre base evasion (99), does have special synergy effect with dragon guardians though which you can find here

Machine – Can be considered when playing manual to heal block with S1 and bypass taunt, but since he isn’t DPS I can’t see this being very useful. He can also AOE heal block when neededBanner Review (Maths)

Black FateCore | Misty Ramge banner is 19 pity and the unit drops at a rate of 0.7% chance.

Xes Cost:

19*700 = 13,300 Xes

Considering 11 Draws –

Your chance to pull him once in 19 pulls is decent, at 76.96%.

In one lucky pull, your chance to pull him is 7.44%.

As with all other black fatecores, Ramge comes in at a 19 pity with a drop rate of 0.7%. This is much easier to obtain, and you can see the rate for pulling him in a single 11 pull is around 2% higher than for Blue/Gold banners.

Unlike Baraka, he should be appearing in the SoC later – Rera, Magi, Ramge

That said, I think Ramge is worth pulling IF:

  • You do not have FateCore Anastasia AND FateCore Baileysh
    • He is the only other frontline First Guardian
    • He is the only other Dark First Guardian to help with auto battle on Dark/Light special stage days (Sunday/Monday depending on timezone)

I personally love Ramge’s design but I do own both of those units mentioned above, so I am not yet sure if I will be pulling on his banner or saving until the swimsuit banners.


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