MLA Labyrinth

The Labyrinth is a set of unique tile-based dungeons.

In the dungeons you must tap on each tile to reveal it. Some tiles will have enemies, others will have chest rewards or special items for the dungeon.

Dungeons can only be challenged a certain amount of times per day and that limit resets at 00:00 server time.

You can exit a dungeon at any time and come back whenever you want, until it resets.


Once you defeat an enemy in a dungeon, you’ll be give a choice of 3 different “Blessings”. These will grant you a unique buff that can only be used in that dungeon.

Medal Ranks

Each dungeon requires a certain “Medal Rank” in order to challenge them.

You earn higher medal ranks by quartering Medal EXP from completing dungeons.

The amount you earn will depend on your rating for that specific dungeon.

The ratings are based on how many enemies you defeated in total. The highest rating is “SSS”.

Medal Ranks will also reward a piece of gear and some diamonds.


The primary loot for dungeons is gear. This is the best source of gear in the game.

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1 year ago

what if all my hero dies in labyrinth? how to complete the level? my hero dies at last level fighting boss, im defeated. so now how can i continue

1 year ago

My hero cards are blocked. I am out of tiles to move. How can I continue?

1 year ago

Nearing completion dark dungeon 6 in the labyrinth. May I know what’s next?