MLA Tips

Here’s some useful tips and tricks for the game if you’re just starting out.

This list will be continually updated.

Add People to Your Friends List

The hearts that can be sent/received by friends can be used to summon heroes for free.

Join a Guild

You can earn currency to buy heroes from the guild shop, and request heroes from guild members.

Open Your Idle Chest Often

The idle chest has a time cap of 12 hours. After that, it won’t accumulate rewards anymore.

Save Diamonds for Premium Summons x10

You’re going to need A LOT of heroes. Do not waste diamonds on anything other than premium summons. Spending small amounts on resetting heroes etc is fine though.

The exception to this rule is the tickets sold in the market, see further down for more details.

The “10 Times” summon is also more value for money, as it’s 10 for 2500, instead of 280 for one. Never use the single summon unless you’ve got tickets for it.

Make Campaign Progress a Priority

The rewards from the idle chest scale with your current highest campaign stage. You should prioritize on progressing as far as possible in order to maximize rewards.

This is especially important if you’re on a new server and competing with others.

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