7DS 3/24 Update Patch Notes

A new update has arrived in 7DS Global!

Here’s the full patch notes for it.

New Hero Added

The Boar Sin of Gluttony Great Mage Merlin (SSR)

Growth Support Event

An event where you can acquire the necessary materials for SSR Evolution Pendants and growing Heroes.

Full Awakening Bundle Changes

Added a purchase button for Tier 6 Full Awakening Bundles in the bottom-right of the Awakening screens for all Heroes.

Tier 6 Full Awakenings immediately completed upon purchasing Full Awakening Bundles.

*Awakening materials that were previously used will not be refunded if you purchase while in a Tier 1-5 Awakened state.

Chat System Changes

In-game UI changed due to the addition of the chat icon.

Chat feature unlocked after clearing the Episode 16 Quest.

Global Chat: Able to chat with other Knights, and can change channels through the bottom-left icon.

Knighthood Chat: Able to directly go to the Knighthood you’ve joined through the activated bottom-left icon.

Death Match & Friendly Match Chat: Able to chat in the waiting screens for Friendly Match and Death Match.

Knighthood Improvements

Check-in UI changes

Knighthood Boss Battle: Added last week’s personal rank, Hard difficulty, and personal rewards (Tiers 1-4).

Added the ability to register team and account Combat Classes.

Added rankings for team and accounts (Knighthood members, Knighthood, All).

*Knighthood Members: Shows your Combat Class rank against your fellow Knighthood members.

*Knighthood: Shows the Combat Class rank against other Knighthoods.

*All: Shows the rank against other members from all Knighthoods.

Added the feature to continuously change the Awakened Item perks

Able to set the desired Awakened perk and stat range.

Able to set the amount of currency to be consumed (Anvils, Diamonds).

Able to set limitations on the continuous change amount.

Added Weapon Costumes for SR Tavern Hostess Elizabeth and SSR Princess Elizabeth

  • Normal Weapon Costumes will be given for free if you already have these Heroes.

*[Boar Hat] Tavern Hostess Elizabeth: Bunny Ring

*[Liones] Princess Elizabeth: Ring of the Princess

Added Weapon Costumes in the Sacred Treasure Shop

*Due to the addition of the free Weapon Costumes, all equipped Costumes on Elizabeth will be removed and unregistered after the update.

Please register the Costumes again in the closet.

(Affected Heroes: [Boar Hat] Tavern Hostess Elizabeth, [Liones] Princess Elizabeth)

New Bundles

SSR Equipment Selector Bundle

Equipment Enhance Bundle

Elizabeth Stamp Bundle

Merlin Stamp Bundle

Hero Stat Changes

Adjusted the base stats and stat increase per level for some Heroes.

Costume UI Improvements

Adjusted the position of the Change button.

Changed the Register/Remove button.

Ending Events and Bundles

[Undying Wish] Pick Up Draw Event

*Due to text errors in the in-game image, [The Fox Sin of Greed] Adventurer Ban may be added to the Platinum Coin Shop at a later time. (Updated 3/23 10:40 PM PDT)

[The Fox Sin of Greed] Adventurer Ban Full Awakening Bundle


Hero’s Way, Achievements UI changes

Added +1,000 Combat Class when using a Combined Attack Hero team.

Added the ability to toggle the Ultimate Move display during battle. (Changing the Ultimate Move display settings during battle does not change it in the default settings.)

If you do not have Draw Tickets in the Storage, the relevant Draw screen does not display. (Ex: If you do not have 1 SSR Guaranteed Ticket, the 1 SSR Guaranteed Draw screen does not display.)

Coin Shop UI changes

Fixed the issue in which the maintenance message would not appear when restarting the app after changing languages.

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