7DS 3/31 Update Patch Notes

A new update has arrived in 7DS Global!

Here’s the patch notes for it.

New Chapter

Chapter 7 is now unlocked.

New Heroes Added

SSR The Goat Sin of Lust Holy Knight Gowther

SSR [The Ten Commandments] Galland of Truth

New Bundles Added

The Power of Truth Costume Set

New Hero Added to the Coin Shop

Platinum Coin Shop: Added The Fox Sin of Greed Adventurer Ban for sale at all times.

Gowther Stamp Set Added

Ending Events and Bundles

[Bottomless Desire] Pick Up Draw Event

*The Boar Sin of Gluttony Great Mage Merlin will be added to the Coin Shop in the future.

*The Fox Sin of Greed Adventurer Ban will be added to the Coin Shop with this update.

Holy Knight Bundle I

Holy Knight Bundle II


Added the [Congeniality Equipment Bundle (6 types)] to the existing Equipment Step Up Bundles.

Fixed the issue regarding some Heroes only being able to register up to 4 Cosmetics.

*You will have to re-register all Weapon, Cosmetic, and Outfit Costumes for the following Heroes:

Captain Meliodas
Guardian Hawk & Elizabeth
Holy Knight Diane
Brawler Ban
Holy Knight Gowther
Guardian Gilthunder
Holy Knight Howzer
Guardian Griamore
Hunter Slater

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