91Act Responds to Gacha Rates Controversy

Recently there has been a lot of controversy surrounding gacha rates, and an apparent bug with them not working as intended.

91Act have officially responded after fully investigating the matter.

91Act Statement

Dear Void Agents,
Happy Thanksgiving ヽ(✿゚▽゚)ノ

After a thorough investigation of the game, we have confirmed that all Gacha mechanisms including but not limited to:

  • Luck Value
  • 34 guaranteed
  • 91 guaranteed
  • Awakening

ARE ALL working as intended.

We hear your suggestion of announcing those Void Agents who have been found to be affected and receive compensation. Please see the list below (please note, their UIDs are partially censored due to privacy concerns)

Void Agents who have been found to be affected and receive compensation:

116588 12026
116637 140784
120040 140352
132244 14576
123847 128959
136407 1184
11752 134489
12047 132781
14515 13853
135903 11204
14070 11777
16496 13551

We will continue to look into cases for anyone who still thinks they are affected on an individual basis. So please don’t hesitate contact us via [Settings] – [Customer Service] – [Contact Us] if you are still troubled.

As a token of appreciation for your understanding and patience to us during the investigation, we will be giving everyone 10 Gacha vouchers on Thanksgiving Day! Thank you so much for your trust, patience, and support!

We will always value and respect your advice and suggestions to help us make Crossing Void – Global a better game!

Best Regards,
The Crossing Void – Global Team

*We were informed lately that a few Void Agents were trying to get a refund with malicious intentions during the investigation period. We sincerely hope that this is not what is still happening here in the Void World, as such actions might do severe harm to the fairness of the game and also harm other Void Agents’ gaming experience. Please note that serious violations may end up with a warning or even a ban.*

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