Exos Heroes Fatecore Anastasia Event

Ignite Anastasia is a new Fatecore coming to Exos Heroes soon!

Event Duration: June 4th 2020 – June 11th.

There’s also a change to Core Mileage:

  • Changed Black-rated core mileage acquisition from 28 Mileages to 19 Mileages.


These are translated from Korean, so won’t be 100% correct.

Passive Skill

Emergency Treatment (Lvl 3)

  • When allies suffer damage and reach less than 20% health, grant (100% of attack power).
  • Create mana if your health is below 20% when activated.
  • Create mana if your health is 70% or higher when activated.

Blessing of the Dragon Knights

  • 250% increased damage to dragons that have activated the Dragon Dragon’s Scale.

Great One
[Passive Effect]

  • Greater markers are given to the four players with the highest attack power among the ally in their column.
  • Marked as a hemolytic target when targeted by a friendly allied attack.


  • Hemolysis +1 (up to 7) when the target is attacked again for the duration of the mark.
  • The target marker 2 teongan If you do not hit eliminate all the targets have hemolysis.


  • Once a turn, allies possessing Hemolytic Marks counterattack when attacking themselves, dealing 50% damage to each hemolysis.

Dragon Scale

  • Once a turn , when he is shot, he will be sent.
  • Grants 100 shields of 100% of your armor for 10 turns of all your ally’s blood (non-overlapping).

Active Skill 1

Requires Bright Baptism Mana 4 Burst

  • Recovers all allies by 49% of maximum health.
  • Purifies both debuff and sustained damage.

Active Skill 2

  • Deals 525% damage to 1 enemy.

Exclusive Weapon

Eternal Gloria (Anastasia)

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