MLA Update 18.0 Patch Notes

Here’s the full patch notes for update 18.0!

New Heroes


Rarity: Epic
Type: Light
Class: Mage

Chang’e is the youngest disciple of the Great Dragon who has amazing magical potential. As a Mage, Chang’e is capable of dealing massive damage. Her Ultimate – Meteor Shower can deal damage continuously to the enemies in front of her. Her skill – Crescent Moon can generate a shield for herself and enhance her Basic Attacks. When she has a shield on her, all her skills will be enhanced.


Rarity: Epic Hero
Type: Dark
Class: Assassin

Lurking in the darkness and casting his greedy eyes on the light, Helcurt brings horror to this world with his staggers and venom. As an Assassin, Helcurt is a huge threat to enemy Mages. His Ultimate – Dark Night Falls can silence all enemies. Shadow Rush allows him to teleport to the enemy back row and silence enemies in the range. His Passive – Race Advantage is capable of blocking Magic Damage and silencing the caster.


Rarity: Epic
Type: Dark
Class: Assassin

After regaining her faith, Karina is not afraid of any evil force in this world thanks to her blades. As an Assassin, Karina is capable of stealing energy from her enemies. Her Ultimate – Shadow Rush allows her to rush towards the enemy with the lowest HP and deal damage. And Karina will restore her energy if the target dies. Dance of Death reduces the energy of enemies around and grants Karina extra energy. Elusiveness gives her the immunity to Basic Attacks.


Rarity: Epic
Type: Elemental
Class: Mage

Harley is called the genius magician. As a Mage, Harley is capable of dealing massive damage to the diving enemy unit. Space Escape allows Harley to deal massive damage and stun the diving enemy. Deadly Magic can inflict great damage to a single target. His Ultimate – Poker Trick deal damage to enemies based on their distance to Harley.

New Holy Sanctuary Feature

A place where you can quickly level up Heroes. The most powerful 5 heroes of yours will enter Holy Sanctuary and you can select some Heroes to share their level.

New Miracle Summon Feature

A new type of Summon. You can summon a Hero of the designated Type. It makes Attribute Resonance easier to achieve. Common Summon will be removed. Common Summon Scrolls will be converted to Battle Points automatically.

Misc Additions

Updated the special effects of some Heroes’ Ultimate skills. We’ll continue to optimize the performance of Ultimate skills in the future.

Added more BUFF types in the Dungeons.

Added new audio effects for Saber and Lesley.

Added new Idle background.

Balance Changes

With the new feature Holy Sanctuary, the total amount of Hero EXP needed is decreased. Therefore, we slightly increased the EXP needed for upgrading Heroes.

Adjusted the drop rate of Hero EXP.

Adjusted the power required for some stages in Campaign.

Slightly adjusted the Idle EXP Bonus for VIP.

Skill Stones are available in Idle Rewards and Achievements.

Adjusted the limit of Guild Donation.


Optimized the tips in Fusion Shrine.

Added new back grounds for common units in Hero List.

Optimized the icons for Equipment. Now Equipment items are easily distinguished.

Optimized position of Translate in Chat.

Optimized the interface of Labyrinth and Dungeons.

Optimized the BGM for victory and defeat.

Optimized the display of titles in mailbox.

Optimized the resolution adaption for phones with rounded screen corners.

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