MLA Update 19.0 Patch Notes

A new update has been applied to the game!

Here’s the full patch notes for it.

New Heroes

Epic Hero
Type: Tech
Class: Marksman

As a Yasson from the Alaghat Empire, Karrie showed her talent since a very young age. She went through tough training to become an arrogant warrior leader. Years of training and battles grants Karrie the ability to use her lightwheels perfectly. She can deal massive damage to a single target. Her Passive – Lightwheel Mark can mark enemies and deal True Damage when the mark reaches full stacks. Karrie is capable of stacking up Lightwheel Mark on enemies with other two skills as well. After using her Ultimate – Speedy Lightwheel, Basic Attacks of Karrie and her skill Phantom Step can deal damage for an extra time.

Yi Sun-shin
Epic Hero
Type: Martial
Class: Marksman

The famed general from the empire in the east, who brings victory to his homeland with his inventions and strategy. When his Passive – Heavenly Vow is unlocked, Yi Sun-shin’s Basic Attack will become Melee Attack if he’s deployed on the front-row, and his Basic Attack Damage and Defense will increase; If he’s deployed on the mid-row or back-row, his Crit Rate and Crit Damage will increase. His Skill – One-wave Sweep and Blood Floods can penetrate through enemies’ defense and deal damage to enemy mid-row and back-row. His Ultimate – Mountain Shocker can summon a powerful navy fleet to attack and stun enemies in the range.

Epic Hero
Type: Martial
Class: Fighter

As the chief of Markdan Island, Lapu-Lapu protects his people with his Twin Blades. Being a Fighter, Lapu-Lapu is capable of switching between Twin Blades State and Heavy Sword State. When he’s in Twin Blades State, his Skill – Justice Blade can penetrate enemies in the line. His Ultimate – Chieftain’s Rage grants him a shield, allows him to switch to Heavy Sword State and deal damage to enemies in the front. His Passive – Hero’s Faith grants him the Dodge Ability when he’s in Twin Blades State and increase his Basic Attack damage when he’s in Heavy Sword State.

New Profile Card Feature

Added feature Profile Card. Players can check the key information of his/her own and other players.

Bug Fixes

Fixed an issue where Argus’s Passive – Warmonger allowed him to attack twice even without full stacks. Slightly increased the damage of Demonic Grip and Meteoric Sword.

Fixed an issue where Alice’s Skill – Scarlet Light failed to deal the right amount of damage in some occasions.

Fixed an issue where Gord’s Skill – Arcane Shot failed to deal damage with the Magic Orb missing in some occasions.

Fixed an issue where the animation of Zilong’s Basic Attack stuttered when he used combos.

Fixed an issue where the battle power of Rafaela displayed incorrectly. Her actual performance wasn’t and wouldn’t be affected.

Balance Changes

Adjusted the items sold in the Market. More items added (such as Skill Stones). As players progress in Campaign, more slots will unlock.

Buff items in Dungeons will have more connections with Hero type.

EXP required for upgrading decreased in stages of tutorial in Dungeons

Optimized the battle power recommendation in Dungeons.


Battle loading speed greatly improved.

Optimized the overall performance. Reduced the overall ram usage.

Optimized download mechanism when downloading update resources.

Added more Mana for players to draw picture in Wishing Shrine.

Optimized the Illusion Flatlands.

Optimized the interface of skill upgrade.

Optimized the interface of Chat.

Now the entrance of Guild will be displayed even when Guild haven’t been unlocked.

Optimized the check-in screen in Guild.

Optimized the displaying order of Donation Requests in Guild.

Optimized the Hero Selection screen.

Optimized the message displayed when players try to reset Heroes.

Optimized the attributes error of Battle Aura.

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