MLA Update 20.0 Patch Notes

A new update for the game is now live!

Here’s the patch notes for it.

New Hero


Elite Hero
Type: Martial
Class: Fighter

Hilda was born with great strength, she’s the most skillful hunter in the Megalith Wastelands. And now, Hilda comes to the Land of Dawn carrying the hope of her people. Matching her with Martial Heroes can greatly enhance the power of her. Her Passive – Blessing of Wildness can collect the damage dealt to her and her teammates and restores her HP when she has low HP. The damage of her Ultimate – Power of Wildness increases overtime, it’s capable of causing damage and stunning the enemy.

New Hall of Fame Feature

Added Hall of Fame, clear Campaign 5-15 to unlock.

  • Players can check different leaderboards of the current server.
  • When any player in the current server reaches certain target, all players in the server can claim rewards.

Misc Changes

Now in battles you can tap continuously to activate multiple Ultimates (When multiple Heroes Energy’s full)

Slightly increased the limit of Guild Donation.

Now there will be a notification when new features unlock.

Added delete-protection mechanism to some important mails in mailbox.

Removed Donation Requests from Chat-Guild

Added the option of drawing one more time on the result page of single Premium Summon.

Added Indonesian and Malaysian.

Added 5-Star Epic Fragments, which can be fused into random 5-Star Epic Heroes.

Added an achievement – Follow MLA on Facebook.

Balance Adjustments


  • Adjusted her Ultimate: Odette channels and surrounds herself with energy. In the next 3s, Odette transforms the energy into 5 soundwaves that bounces among enemies, dealing Magic Damage. Odette reduces damage taken during this skill and increases the damage of the next Lakeshore Ambience by 100%.


  • Increased season rewards of Arena
  • Adjusted the interface, current Arena Grade will be displayed clearly

Bug Fixes

[edgtf_separator position=”left” border_style=”solid” color=”#1e73be” width=”15%” thickness=”3″ margin=”bottom 0px”]

Fixed an issue where the untargetability of Saber’s Ultimate wouldn’t take effect.


Optimized the icons of Equipment Coin and Crusade Coin.

Optimized the ram usage, greatly improved the performance.

Optimized the performance on iOS.

Optimized the sound effect of Wishing Shrine.

Optimized the interface of Forge.

Optimized the interface of Miracle Summon.

Optimized the message of connecting accounts.

Optimized the interface of Skill Upgrade.

Optimized the display of Hero Avatar.

Optimized the interface of bag and the display of Hero Fragments.

Optimized the exchange event.

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