MLA Update 21.0 Patch Notes

A brand new update has arrived in Mobile Legends: Adventure!

Here’s the full patch notes.

New Heroes


Epic Hero
Type: Light
Class: Fighter

Minsitthar is the national hero of the Eastern Village, he is also known as “Holy Spear”. Being the Prince of Mahar Pura, he served in the Forces from his youth. After adulthood he was respectfully called one of the “Four Great Generals” of Mahar Pura with his remarkable achievements. After long struggle and hardships, Minsitthar finally stepped onto the throne, protecting his kingdom with the Holy Spear his Father passed down to him. As a Fighter, Minsitthar is capable of dealing AoE Damage and controlling his enemies. His Ultimate – King’s Calling allows him to summon 4 royal guards to fight along side him for a period of time. His Passive – All United restores the energy of all allies every once in a while, controlling the situation of the battlefield.


Epic Hero
Type: Elemental
Class: Fighter

Badang is from the Southern Islands. After acquiring the magical gem from the water beast, in order to find out the truth about the evil force, Badang set sail for the Land of Dawn. As a Fighter, Badang is capable of dealing multistage damage to a single target. And he possesses the ability to control the enemy. His Passive – Chivalry Fist enables all allies to deal more damage over time. Skill – Qigong Fist allows him to deal extra damage to the target that has been hit for multiple times. It’s suggested to deploy Badang together with Heroes that deal continuous damage.


Epic Hero
Type: Elemental
Class: Mage

As the goddess of the Southern Seas, Kadita controls the weather and the sea water. With her power, she terrifies the invaders. Her Ultimate – Rough Waves allows her to summon a sea wave to deal damage to the enemies around. The closer the target, the more damage it’ll take. Skill – Ocean Oddity allows her to charge against enemies and reduce her damage taken. Her Passive – Thalassophobia restores her HP when her HP is low and allows her to release Rough Waves for once when she dies which deals less damage than regular.

New Secret Hero Coming

Secret Epic Hero, obtainable in the event to come.

New Time Portal Building

Time Portal, clear Campaign 4-5 to unlock.

  • Time Portal will be the entrance of all kinds of limited-time features/modes. More features/modes are coming soon.
  • Collect Chrono Stars in Time Portal and exchange them for rewards in Hourglass.

Trials Added to Time Portal

  • Trials will now be featured in Time Portal.
  • Trials will generate 3 different daily Bosses for players to challenge. Only eligible Heroes can deal damage to a certain Boss. Players can defeat Boss to get Chrono Stars.
  • Hero EXP and Advance Essence are available in Trials.

Crusade Added to Time Portal

  • Crusade will now be featured in Time Portal.
  • Stages of Crusade have been adjusted to 9. For every 3 stages cleared players can get extra chests plus Chrono Stars.
  • Removed Mysterious Merchant and Crusade Shop. Remaining Crusade Coins will be converted to equally-valued Diamonds.

Misc Changes

Now when releasing Aurora’s Ultimate manually, players can tap again to cancel the channeling in advance.

Changed the login image.

Bug Fixes

Fixed a bug where the amount of HP Rafaela healed was higher than the numbers displayed.

Balance Adjustments

We found that players may feel hard to progress in certain phase of the game, so we made some major adjustments:

  • Increased the drop rate of Hero EXP.
  • Decreased the EXP required for upgrading Heroes.
  • Increased the drop rate of rare Equipment Items.
  • Decreased the EXP required for upgrading Squad.
  • Added more stages in some chapters in Campaign and adjusted the difficulty.
  • Adjusted the difficulty of Dungeons and increased the drop rate of Equipment Items.
  • Player won’t get an extra chance to challenge the Dungeon when Dungeon Medal upgraded.

Resonance Adjustments

  • Adjusted the mechanism of Resonance. We encourage all kinds of lineup strategies.
  • Resonance now simplified to 5 kinds: 5 Heroes of different Types; 3 Heroes of the same Type; 3 Heroes of the same Type + 2 Heroes of another Type; 4 Heroes of the same Type; 5 Heroes of the same Type.
  • Greatly increased the Attribute Bonus gained from Resonance.


Optimized the display of Resonance.

Optimized the performance of Clint’s Ultimate when attacking the targets close to him.

Optimized the numerical value of Karina’s skill – Elusiveness.

Optimized the HP percentage which triggers Argus’s Ultimate in Auto-battle so he will be more effective.

Optimized the memory management, improved the performance.

Fixed an issue where it was unable to enter the game via notifications on some Android phones.

Optimized the performance of summon result screen in Wishing Shrine.

Optimized the red dot in Event.

Optimized the Player Profile Card.

Optimized the performance when selecting hero avatar.

Now in Campaign players won’t have to wait until animation ends to challenge the next stage.

Player can directly get the Diamonds after watching a video instead of claiming them in the mailbox.

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