One-Punch Man: Road to Hero 2.0 Update 2.1.5

A new game update is coming to OPM: Road to Hero 2.0 on October 28th.

Here’s the full patch notes for it!

New Hero

Atomic Samurai is coming to slice up the battle!

Guild Leadership Transfers

Guild Leaders can now manually transfer their Leader roles to other members.

Guild Invitations

Players can now invite friends to join their guild during chats

New Wonderful Trip Adventure

Added a new Wonderful Trip adventure “House of Ghastly Pumpkins”. Unlock it by upgrading to v2.1.5 and clearing Story stage 5-20. Opens on 10/31/2020 05:00 UTC

Balance Changes

The attributes of characters such as Speed-o’-Sound Sonic, Silverfang (Bang), Bushidrill and Puri-puri Prisoner have been adjusted for more balanced combat. See details above.

Album Description Improvements

In the album, the character Ranks [Common] [Epic+] and [Mythical] have been respectively changed to [Brave] [Glorious] and [Extraordinary]

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